Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Glass Dinning Table.

Glass Dinning Table.
have a glass dining table is ideal for those who want to create a contemporary style of eating in the room, especially if the table on each side of the beveled edge is decorated beautifully, will add the luxury of a table, the chairs are metal that make up a strong make beautiful furniture is the perfect to complete the hall.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

sofa tundra burgundy

sofa tundra burgundy
"tundra-Burgundy" collection with a comfortable sofa designs luxurious display curvature-curvature to create a perfect finish to a collection of sofas in the lounge complete with pillow-like form with a thick wrap of luxury. collection so that this increase in the luxurious decor of each house.

cagney olive

cagney olive
"cagney olive" is a type of sofa that many people are rich. features a soft cloth in the appropriate use to sit relaxed. have this type of sofa will make your room seem luxurious and majestic, arm rest and make a strong showing this sofa perfect. so that the comfort and luxury will accompany your dreams.

sofa lounge

sofa lounge
construction on the floor foot rest and a strong design that will help create a beautiful atmosphere of relaxation and luxury on every person who spends leisure time to sit and read magazines in the room your room. one class of foam wrapped with a cloth powerless durable and luxurious sofas make this show perfect. very appropriate when you complete the room.

Eli cafe

Eli cafe
comfort and luxury is the main symbol for each of the products we offer. luxury sofa with a contemporary design of this is the work of the rich with luxury on each side of each trap that makes us beautiful comfortable to spend time to gather with family, relaxed atmosphere style "Eli cafe" with the luxury of being perfect in your room.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

white sofa

fresh and beautiful when I saw how the sofa "classic curves stone" at the end of the curve this sofa looks from others who have. bright colors that envelop sofa sofa make this clear in the style of contemporary design, and is complete with luxurious pillows that match the selection color, and flared at the arms and legs make this sofa comfortable, beautiful and luxurious.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

leather sofa

the selection of leather sofa wrapper for a member of his family often spend the time to assemble is the right choice, because the skin is a durable material and makes anyone who sits on the sofa will be comfortable even in a long time. find this type easily in Ashely furniture.

Monday, May 11, 2009

dark brown sofa

many customers who seek luxury sofa with a dark color. because the dark color of this they will make more home furnishings to be more durable and long lasting. to get it easily, please visit sorum ashley furniture, there will be easy and in many other options.

home office

design a display cabinet at this time is a design style "Carlyle" minimalist furniture is made entrepreneurs who wish to have office at home. the color of dark furniture make this home office looks perfect. shapes that are easy on the administration to make this furniture has a superior value in the appeal of other furniture.

green sofa arm

many ways to get comfortable and cool atmosphere in the room. color in this show is a mix of beautiful colors. sofa with a beautiful light green color looks special. to blend with the color green on the old walls, add cool effects on the guest room.

sofa arm

This is really beautiful sofas, sofa that has flared arm plus the addition of pillows attached at the back makes this sofa a special, especially with the selection of bright colors make this sofa a lot of customer demand.

black sofa

sofa collection has been on the market, but usually use bright colors. Ashely furniture this time presents the sofa with a black color, so that the sofa will be able to raise more atmosphere when it is in the living room walls a bright color paint.

sofa lounge

how many companies produce a relaxing chair. but the relaxation chair is different from the other chair. one of the things that differentiate in the construction of this chair foot buffer. stick to the beautiful carvings on it, look elegant with a mix of cloth wrapping this sofa.

Quality Leather Sofa


lots of furniture offers a sofa for relaxing, but it appears that this is a special lounge sofa. with the form shown comfortable chairs beckon to the user when the sofa is above sit back, relax when the time in front of the television or read magazines.

sofa gray

luxury sofa that appears on the gray ash of this material is a quality mix with a beautiful design, so that the results have to make this sofa looks exlusif with a solid construction and thick foam. ash gray color make this sofa the more beautiful.


table we show that this is a table that is designed to put the family togetherness. shapes with a wide number of seats which are expected to make the intimate atmosphere of the family who will appear in time to enjoy a meal in the serve.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

wood dining table

one Ashely furniture products that many of the fans interested in the natural material for use in creating environmentally friendly products and natural. This makes the company creates a product table with wood materials that show the origin of a texture. looks so luxurious and strong.

dining table

sitting position in time to eat is an important posisis. This table is a table that is designed specifically so that consumers not eat at a spinal injury. have the luxury of the table is suitable for use in the filling hall.

bed girls

girls are usually associated with soft colors. good wall paint color or furniture in the rooms. we show that this is a beautiful design of the bed in a solid color with the appropriate regulation, from the color of bed until the election almari color and carpet. bed design that is harmonious in the allotment for the daughter until the age of 18.

seat room

things that always prioritize Ashely furniture company is producing the product, both in the materials, manufacture, design, color selection market tastes, and to the satisfaction of consumers. so that to the best companies in the field of furniture is committed Ashely furniture.

tradition furniture

more than 50 years has produced Ashely furniture furniture, furniture from the bedroom until barrom. some of the things that make this company a lot of customer demand, product quality is guaranteed and the slick design, the price talk "fit for you" with this there is no more reason for you to immediately complete the contents of your home with products Ashely furniture.

guest chair

for those of you who want to Finding the right furniture to complement the content of your home.
you can see in Burbank Furniture Company has successfully created a variety of needs furniture, especially furniture chairs, trempat bed, sofa and others.


red sofa that looks this is a sofa with a continuous color in a very interesting Pair with yellow wall paint colors, decorations and cushion seats that make up the flowers will make you able to immediately replace the furniture that is opaque

bed child


happiness that will be visible on the parents see their children at bed time is a fruit fast asleep sleeping heart, above the bed. image that you see at this time is one of the beds in the design for children. looks neat, luxurious, color, interesting materials and soft fabrics that will make anyone feel comfortable crouch collapse, especially children

Saturday, May 9, 2009

classical bed


the bed that you see at this time is one of the collections from ashley furniture. for those of you that the type of furniture is of wood, especially teak, it is not wrong if you choose it. type of bed that is now easily found in hotels and homes and is the type of lodging that is before you. strong material, environment-friendly effect of classic, luxury and remain visible.

Relaxing Chair


relaxed time when you feel comfortable sitting in this chair, in the form of the show has been designed specifically with the modern technology, make you feel at the time to sit and be more comfortable, especially with the brown color effect on the atmosphere of the classic show you the room, chairs This is one product that is easy to Ashely furniture you get.